Garmin R10 Approach Launch Monitor

Most golfers don’t know how far they hit with each of their clubs with precision. Although launch monitors have flooded the golf industry recently, the best ones still come at a steep price.  In particular, portable launch monitors have taken the golf world by storm, providing a much-needed cheaper alternative to Trackman and other expensive launch monitors.

The Garmin R10 is a great premium golf launch monitor that balances value and accuracy.

The device is compact, has a premium feel, and comes with a tripod and phone stand that all fit into an easy-to-use carry case. All you have to do is place the R10 6ft from the ball and begin swinging. The device connects to your smartphone or tablet to display all the data you. Feedback is nearly instantaneous from swing to information on the screen.

Now, let’s go through everything about this launch monitor in detail.

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  • Product Information

    • Manufacturer: Garmin
    • Retail Price: $590
    • Smash Factor: Yes
    • Club Speed: Yes
    • Club Path: Yes
    • Club Face Angle: Yes
    • Distance: Yes
    • Attack Angle: Yes
    • Club loft angle: No
    • Club lie angle: No
    • Ball speed: Yes
    • Spin: Yes
    • Launch Angle: Yes
    • Spin Axis: Yes
    • Depth: 14 feet required
    • Portable: Yes
    • Left/Right Hand: Yes
    • Sensor Technology: Mobile
    • Outdoor: Yes
    • Ball Spin: Yes
    • Driving Range: No
    • E6: Yes
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