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    Launch monitors have changed how golf can be practiced at home, letting you practice your shots on a virtual field. Launch monitors gather a wide range of data from your golf swing by tracking the ball as it is hit. It then extrapolates where it would land and simulates it on a virtual course or driving range. So not only can most launch monitors show you how your shot will land, but they also store a vast range of data that can help you improve your swing. Data includes clubhead distance (which can be tracked over multiple shots), carry distance, spin, and lots more. It can help you see if you have a propensity to slice or hook shots, when you under or overshoot, and generally help with overall swing paths. Almost all professional golfers use launch monitors to improve their game. They can be as simple and easy as just using the device at a driving range with your phone to see the data, or as robust as a full at-home set-up, complete with a projector showing your ball’s flight path in a virtual golf course.

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