Golf Umbrellas

Golf Umbrellas are generally larger umbrellas used to play golf in rainy conditions. They are built to withstand a good amount of water and wind, and they can also help with UV rays. They generally attach to your golf cart and can be handheld.

Most golfers will encounter some dicey weather every once in a while at tee time. But, if you don’t want to lose your day of golfing, that’s when a golf umbrella comes in.

Outside of just cloudy and rainy conditions, a golf umbrella can help with too sunny conditions as well, allowing you to see better in the shade.

The reason golf umbrellas are typically so much more giant than traditional umbrellas is so that they can protect your equipment as well as your person.

When considering a golf umbrella, you want to look at design, durability, fabric, waterproofing, wind resistance, and opening mechanism. Size, weight, and double canopy design are also major factors for most people.

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