Garmin Approach S42

Many people use an Apple Watch or similar smart watch to help track their stats with their golf game. But a generic smartwatch doesn’t always have everything you need for your golf game or is too expensive because of all the extra features you don’t need.

You might also wonder if you’re missing out on anything by not having a dedicated golf watch. How does it compare? What things does a golf watch offer that other smartwatches don’t?

That’s why we’re here looking at the Garmin Approach S42 GPS golf watch. We’ll see how it compares to other smartwatches and what golf-specific features it can bring you on the course and off. Let’s get started.

  • Product Information

    • Manufacturer: Garmin
    • Price: $299
    • Battery Life: 5 Year
    • GPS: Yes
    • Color Screen: Yes
    • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Everything there is to know about the Garmin S42 Golf Watch

  • Who is the Garmin S42 for?

  • What's in the Box?

  • Quality and Design

  • Setting up the Garmin S42 Approach

  • Playing a Round with the S42

  • On-Course Features

  • Off Course features

  • Garmin Golf App

  • Closing Thoughts

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