Best Men’s Golf Shoes for 2023

12 Mar, 2023
Best Men’s Golf Shoes for 2023

Best Overall Men’s Shoe

PUMA Ignite Pwradapt Caged

The Puma Ignite PWRADAPT is a lightweight, comfortable and flexible shoe. It uses a mesh upper part with durable synthetic overlays. The shoes have a heel clip that provides stability, and the IGNITE Foam midsole provides power return and cushioning.

The PWRCAGE technology helps to lock your foot into place during swings, grounding you. When walking the course, the comfortable sole makes for a great walking shoe and is proofed for all weather conditions. 

This shoe is best suited for golfers looking for an athletic shoe that can provide support and stability while still being comfortable on one’s feet.

With a fantastic 4.6 out of 5-star average, here’s what players are saying:

“Really great quality and build. I played 9 holes in a downpour and feet stayed dry. Good grip on grass and the fit is as expected.”

Best Hybrid Golf Shoe

Johnston & Murphy XC4 H1-Luxe Hybrid

Johnston & Murphy is a company that has been in the shoe business for over 150 years. They have always been known for their high-quality shoes and their attention to detail. 

The Johnston & Murphy XC4 H1-Luxe Hybrid delivers on these qualities. Made with the highest quality materials, its sleek design makes it look like a modern, high-end shoe. The hybrid design means it lies somewhere between traditional and performance golf shoes and strikes this balance well.

Its upper is made of premium leather and uses a rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. Although a hybrid, the traction system on these shoes is still excellent.

Not only does it look cool and classy, but it can also be worn both on and off the course without discomfort. In addition, the breathability and waterproofing are both excellent, making this a great all-around choice.

With a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars, here are one user’s thoughts:

“Johnston and Murphy makes quality products. Previously have worn FootJoy golf shoes. The soles are glued on and split off. The J & M shoes fit comfortably and are water resistant! Highly recommend.”

This Bloggers favorite golf shoe

Adidas ZG21

The Adidas ZG21 is a golf shoe designed for the modern golfer. It features an upper made of synthetic leather and a durable outsole with rubber soles. The Adidas ZG21 is available in two colors: black and white. 

The Adidas ZG21 is a good shoe if you are looking for something comfortable to wear all day that will give you excellent stability on the course. You’ll first notice how lightweight these shoes are, using its hybrid “Lightstrike” and “BOOST” midsole to create an airy bounce.  They are also SUPER comfortable, just like the rest of the Boost line from Addidas.

The unique feature of these shoes is the dial used to fine-tune the lacing, which uses BOA for even pressure throughout.

However, if you want something that will last a long time and provide stability on the course, then the Adidas ZG21 is an excellent choice.

With a fantastic 4.7 out of 5 stars, here’s one of these great reviews:

“I have played golf my whole life and have walked MANY rounds. These are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever put on my feet. They are supportive, comfortable, and easy to clean.”

Best Budget Golf Shoes

Callaway Solana SL

This Callaway Solana SL is a golf shoe that has a soft and flexible feel. It is designed with a lightweight, breathable mesh upper with Opti-Dri technology, making it very dry and always comfortable. 

However, the main advantage of the Callaway Solana is the balanced proposition of cost to performance. You are getting a solid shoe for half the price of most golf shoes at this caliber.

The outsole has multi-directional traction for enhanced stability and grip on the course, and its rubber studs provide traction on wet surfaces like turf or grass. You can also replace these studs with spikes for an extra fee if you want even more grip on the course.

Thus, the Callaway Solana SL offers the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

With a very solid 4.6, here’s what one customer said:

“These shoes are a tad expensive for my taste but so worth the money. Fantastic quality even my first time out they were comfortable. Highly recommend”

Best BOA 

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes

For an excellent alternative lacing system, you can try BOA golf shoes. This style eliminates pressure points for the ultimate comfortable fit.

This feels like your foot and the shoe are one unit with no extraneous movements. With it, ou’re better able to plant your feet on the ground during your swing.

The underfoot of these shoes also provides an astonishing amount of support. The outer ridges of the outsole allow the shoe to flex, and overall the comfort of these shoes remains with you all the way to the end of a course.

So, if you’re looking for a modern golf shoe, this is a great option.

With a decent 4.3 out of 5 stars, here’s one review:

“Have worn this type of shoe for the past 6 months and loved it. Wore out the cleats and soles so needed a new pair. Love them and will buy again when these wear out.”

Best Traditional Golf Shoe

FootJoy Traditions

The most traditional golf shoe on our list, the look is always a classic. However, don’t let that fool you, as FootJoy has created a traditional-looking golf shoe with the performance of a modern one.

Footjoy is an American company founded in 1952 and has been a leading golf shoe manufacturer for over 60 years. Their FootJoy Traditions is one of the most popular models of FootJoy shoes. 

They are made from the best materials, so they are very durable and comfortable to wear for long periods. The genuine leather on the shoe looks good and is waterproof and comfortable. Its breathability is good, with solid durability. 

The spiked traction system gives the shoe an excellent grip on wet surfaces, so you can play your best game, keeping your feet firmly planted even when it rains.

Finally, its fast twist system makes inserting and removing the cleats easy.

These have a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with one reviewer saying this:

“They are ready to go right out of the box. When this pair arrived, I walked 18 the next day and they were as comfortable as may other pair that has lots of rounds on them.”

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for Men

ECCO Men’s S-Three

The Ecco S-Three is a fantastic hybrid model with a casual look and no spikes. It’s lightweight yet still carries a good weight of traction and stability in the swing. 

The comfortable cushioning and durable design is made not only to be waterproof but perform at an elite level. 

The benefits of picking this shoe include a solid amount of versatility on the course and off. The non-slip grip of the spikeless outsole performs almost as well as a spiked shoe using its traction bars. Finally, its uppers are made with premium, waterproof leather.

With a superb 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Amazon page, here’s what people are saying:

“extremely confortable (& waterproof) and worth the extra $ compared to less expensive brands. Highly recommend!!!”

Best All-Black Golf Shoe

FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoe

FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoe is a golf shoe designed for the professional golfer. It is created with the best materials and technology to offer extreme comfort and stability on the course. In addition, the shoe has a lightweight design to minimize fatigue on the course and provide plenty of ankle support to keep you stable on your feet.

Its downside is the price tag, which explains why it has so many strong features. This is a high-tech version of the FootJoy style golf shoe, and it looks the part. It’s available in three colors and looks almost futuristic in the back, clean-lined and modern in the front.

It features a lightweight synthetic leather upper that provides durability, with a rubber outsole that offers top-of-the-line traction and stability. For performance, you can expect a robust and secure foundation that keeps your feet planted during a swing.

With a respectable 4.4 out of 5 star average, here’s one perspective:

“Very comfortable shoes with a high arch support. I have always thought the quality of FJ’s have exceeded my expectations and these don’t disapoint.”

Best All-White

UnderArmour HOVR Drive Woven Golf Shoe

You can’t do much better than the UnderArmour HOVR Drive for a pure performance golf shoe at a reasonable price point. 

UnderArmour’s straightforward approach to golf shoes is also one of the most streamlined. Their microfiber upper is made to be breathable and waterproof, while the molded heel is extra supportive and allows for maximum torque. The EVA footbed also comes with a lot of extra underfoot support.

But the main selling point is the hard spikes which come with their signature “rotational resistance traction,” providing excellent performance and stability.

With a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars average rating, here’s what people are saying: 

“Awesome looking golf shoe and fits perfectly. The only minor issue is that they get dirty pretty easily in wet conditions but this is expected since it is all-white.”

What to look for in Men’s Golf Shoes

Two Types of Golf Shoes

  • Spiked Golf Shoes

The classic spiked golf shoe will keep you more stable as you swing, but makes it slightly less comfortable to walk around in, especially when off the course.

With either style of golf shoe, you should look for comfort, breathability, weatherproofing, and durability.

Modern spiked golf shoes provide stability and a lightweight feel, increasing general comfort. 

  • Spikeless Golf Shoes

The spikeless golf shoe or street shoe has seen roaring success and growing popularity as a golf shoe in recent years.

Many people prefer the comfort and ease of spineless golf shoes, and their ability to stabilize swings has improved over time.

What’s nice is that they are also low-profile, look like an everyday shoe, and can act as a regular shoe when you need them. Their advantage on the field comes from their rubber studs or dimpled soles, giving them an extra grip on the green.

The disadvantage is less stability overall and sometimes less waterproofing. On the other hand, since the soles are deeper into the ground, they can let the wet grass in more easily.

Construction and Materials

Golf shoe materials have recently improved greatly, with improvements to both the upper and outsole for greater comfort, waterproofing, and stability.

Leather or Synthetic

Leather is still king among golf shoe materials. Using it for the shoe’s exterior creates a stretch-free, tight-fit, and waterproof shoe. 

However, synthetic materials are a less expensive alterative with many good properties. A nonporous polyester provides a lining that is lighter and thinner than leather. 


For waterproofing, most golf shoes now use Goretex, but there are other versions. This material is thick and highly water resistant. 

Golf Spikes

Good golf spikes help anchor you to the wrong and improve your golf swing, making them an important consideration.  You can get either plastic or metal spikes. Plastic is the most popular now as it is lightweight and less likely to harm the green. The wider spread of the spikes helps distribute a player’s weight more evenly.

Metal spikes have fallen drastically in popularity but are still used by many in pro tours. They’re the classic design, with longer, sharper points than plastic, ultimately giving more traction.  However, not only do metal spikes tear up the field, but they are very uncomfortable to walk on should the need to walk on pavement or other hard materials arise.